Current teaching

Modules and courses I have been teaching recently include:

CML1056 Core Concepts in Language Analysis
A level 4 (1st year BA) module introducing concepts in and methods for studying language

CML3101 Creating and Understanding Meaning
A level 6 (3rd year BA) module looking at how meanings are created and understood in a number of contexts and genres, including varieties of media communication

CML3102 Writing Techniques
A level 6 (3rd year BA) module looking at how linguistic choices affect the interpretation of texts. Students apply these methods to their own writing as well as other texts

ELT4201 Grammatical Descriptions of English
An MA module looking at Chomskyan and Hallidayan approaches to grammar and considering how these might be relevant in language teaching

PLIN2002 Pragmatic Theory
A module taken by level 5 (2nd year BA) and MA Linguistics students looking at the nature and goals of pragmatic theories and approaches to pragmatic theory, focusing largely on Grice and relevance theory.

The Language Detective
A residential course on linguistics for A level students at Villiers Park which I have taught with Graeme Trousdale every year since 2007

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