Students and Social Media

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Inside Higher Ed -- Students and Social Media

I recognise some of the differences in attitudes to social media among (some) academics and (some) students discussed here.

Practice seems to be quite varied in universities here, with some agreeing there will be no facebook connections between staff and students, others much more 'open', and everything in between.

We recently started a closed facebook group for English Language students at Middlesex (with separate groups for other students). Some staff and some students have created separate identities for this group while others use existing identities. In both groups, there are people with no interest in facebook in general who have reluctantly joined because they see the benefit of being in this particular conversation.

On a totally separate note, I'm known as they guy who's always entering competitions (off to a free cinema screening tomorrow morning, for example) but I'm entering far less often now because I refuse to 'like' a company or product on facebook just so that I can enter.


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