Paul Grice: Philosopher and Linguist

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Paul Grice: Philosopher and Linguist

One thing I love about Grice is that he didn't do any of the things academics were supposed to do back then and 'have' to do now. We're lucky he ever published anything, never mind that he tended to wait until years after everyone had read the photocopies.

I've just been looking again at Siobhan Chapman's brilliant book on him and came across this quote from his first lecture on a course called 'Saying':

'Although the official title of this class is 'Saying', let me say at once that we are unlikely to reach any direct discussion of the notion of saying for several weeks, and in the likely event of our failing to make any substantial inroads on the title topic this term, my present intention is to continue the class into next term'

Wonder what his student feedback forms would have looked like?


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