roller blading drama

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Ohna had one of those phone calls yesterday: 'Hello, it's PC Burgess here. I'm calling about your daughter...'

Apoa's OK but she had a bit of a narrow escape. As ever, I was piecing the story together bit by bit yesterday via phone calls and texts from the hospital etc. Here's how I understand the story now.

Apoa and her friend arrive in Hyde Park for a bit of roller blading. They're sitting on a bench putting on their blades when they see a rubbish truck heading down the hill towards them. A man is shouting. Then they realise he's shouting 'Stop! Stop, will you!' At the truck! Fairly near the last minute, they realise the truck is driverless and coming straight at them and try to get out of the way. Anna escapes but it runs over Apoa's foot and completely destroys the bench they were sitting on (part of which is now here at home). Apoa's foot is bruised and her leg is grazed. Her roller blade is destroyed. She was lucky to have the roller blade on as her foot would definitely have been broken otherwise. Anna, it seems, was kind of pushed out of the way by the truck. Thank goodness they managed to get far enough out of the way in time.

Apoa's joking about suing the council now. She could, of course, but we also don't want to get the handbrake-forgetting driver into more trouble than he needs to be in. I'll at least write to the council and ask what they think about it. Apart from the trauma, Apoa is down one roller blade, one fancy newly-purchased American Apparel sock, one roller blading session and I guess around a week of physical activity in the last week before school starts up again (she's due to start at her new sixth form college on Friday after GCSE results on Thursday).


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