Billy Clark

I am a linguist based at Middlesex University in London.

I teach a broad range of language and linguistics-related topics, but my main research interests are all connected in some way with linguistic meaning (linguistic semantics and pragmatics). I have a particular interest in how meanings are created and negotiated in specific contexts. I'm currently working on research in three areas: prosodic meaning, stylistics and the inferential processes involved in writing.

I find questions about language and meaning endlessly fascinating and I'm convinced that everyone else does too.

I have been a member of several committees with pedagogical and educational interests. I am currently a member of a Subject Centre Special Interest Group working towards the development of an A Level in Linguistics and of the UK Linguistics Olympiad committee

I am Director of The Lecture List and I have worked as a freelance writer on projects in a range of media (print, internet, film, tv, pop promotional video, brand language).

Here is a pdf version of my full (i.e. very long) academic cv

Do get in touch if you have any questions about linguistics or comments on the site or anything.


Billy on the beach